The SSR4 combines everything you’ll need from the very beginning of your airsoft journey until the advanced stages. It is the universal tool for whatever airsoft throws at you! Woodland or CQB, you can easily shine in all those situations thanks to durable, high-performance internals and modular externals.

SSR4 Features
Programmable Electronic Trigger Unit (includes burst, binary, pre-cocking, battery protection, etc.) Click for Guide
∼20 rounds per second with high-speed gears (16:1) and an 11.1V battery (recommended).
2 Variants to fit your style: Realistic full-metal body & Lightweight reinforced polymer body (same internals).
Multiple power output variants to fit your field.
M-LOK Handguard and a top Picatinny rail for accessories.
Peak accuracy due to a 6.03 precision barrel with a rotary Hop-Up unit.
Modern Flat Trigger.
Quick Spring Exchange System for easy performance adjustments.
QD sling mounts for carrying.
Comfortable hold with a Modern beavertail Pistol Grip.
Advanced internal parts (more in Tech Breakdown).
Rigid T-Dean battery connectors.
Extensive video library with courses and guides.
Designed by passionate Airsofters in Vienna, Austria.
Vienna-based Tech support team.

Length: 74×24 cm Weight (Metal): 2.4 kg Weight (Polymer): 2.3 kg

[warning] Do not store with pre-cocking engaged.

The battery and attachments are not included.