PolarStar FCU | Fire Control Unit
PolarStar FCU | Fire Control Unit
This PolarStar FCU makes for a great replacement if you find yourself with a damaged or lost FCU. This FCU works with PolarStar HPA Units.
This latest PolarStar FCU (Fire Control Unit) Revision 3 is for use with the following PolarStar Engine:
  • PolarStar JACK
  • PolarStar F1
  • PolarStar F2
  • PolarStar Fusion Engine (FE)
  • and other future HPA units that are developed by PolarStar Airsoft unless otherwise noted.
Key features of the PolarStar FCU 2017 R3 FCU
  • More compact size
  • More Energy Efficient
  • Blue in color, everyone loves Blue!
  • Features same high efficiency voltage regulators and integrated box magazine controller as Mini FCU
  • Retains LCD Screen
  • More robust joystick for ease navigating menus and adjusting settings

PolarStar FCU | Fire Control Unit