• Metal mount base and polycarbonate construction
  • Lens protector sits on a 30 degree angle, providing a more shatter-resistant strike area
  • Designed to provide protection for a wide variety of optics
  • Integrated quick release knob
  • Fits all 20mm / weaver / picatinny / accessory rails
  • Compatible with most risers and adapters
  • Unique "Fighter HUD" print on protector to give your gun a cool flair!
The Laylax HUD type sight protector "Aegis" is an angled shield used to protect your red dot, magnified optic, or scope. The angled design better helps to deflect the power of the bb hitting the shield, keeping your sight safe. The "glass" on the shield is a strong, thin piece of acrylic to ensure its light weight with a fair amount of flexibility to take impact. An added bonus is that it features a "HUD" or Heads Up Display style like you would see on a fighter jet printed on it.

Manufacturer: Laylax

Size: Small / 38.5mm


Compatibility: Most 20mm accessory rails
Height: 38.5mm
Material: Metal Alloy, Polycarbonate

Laylax "Aegis" Fighter HUD Scope Lens / Sight Shield Protector