G&G ARP9 2.0 AEG Arisoft Riffle W/F2
G&G ARP9 2.0 AEG Arisoft Riffle W/F2

Add On's:

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PolarStar F2 M4 Conversion Kit V2 HPA Unit

PolarStar F2 Features

  • Extremely lightweight and compact design
  • Dual solenoid design allows for open and closed bolt firing
  • F2 FCU with LCD allows for easy tuning
  • Spring loaded nozzle provides consistent loading force
  • Lightweight one piece poppet valve can operate at lower pressures
  • Easily adjustable FPS can be used for both CQB and field use without having to change nozzles

F2 is essentially a Mini Fusion Engine. It offers the same adjustability and performance as the Fusion Engine in a cylinder sized package.


Increased Efficiency: The F2 incorporates a new one-piece, lightweight poppet valve design yet still operates on the same principle as the Fusion Engine poppet. This valve is able to operate at lower pressures and uses less air volume to function which optimizes air efficiency.

Spring Loaded Nozzle:The F2 nozzle is spring biased forward which provides a consistent loading force regardless of operating pressure. It shares the same spring as the Fusion Engine with both light and heavy spring options available to adjust the loading force.

The robust design of the F2 allows for an operating pressure range of 45psi to 145psi which enables it to achieve velocities from CQB to DMR while employing only one nozzle for the entire velocity adjustment range.

Operating Pressure 45 - 145psi
Velocity Ranges: 205fps - 500fps
Length: 4"
Material: Aluminum alloy

G&G ARP9 2.0 AEG Arisoft Riffle W/F2